Welcome to Calpe House GA, we hope that your stay with us is a pleasant one.

Our team will do their best to ensure your stay in London is as comfortable as possible, here you will find an overview of your time with us, details of the services we provide to you and our expectations of you during your stay:


Guest registration

The officer on duty will meet you at 19-23 Norfolk Square, London, W2 1RU and will arrange your check-in on arrival.  Please provide your passport/identity card, confirmation letter and documentation from the GHA containing your medical appointments.

Room key fobs

Please keep your key fob on your key ring and keep with you at all times.
If you lose your key fob, please report it to the administration team as soon as possible. A lost fob may incur a charge.

During your stay at Calpe House GA

Hygiene and cleanliness of your bedroom, bathroom and communal areas

Unless your health condition prevents you from cleaning, the administration team asks that you kindly clean your room and bathroom on a daily basis.  Cleaning products are provided and  located in building 23 in a cupboard opposite the laundry room.  We appreciate your cooperation and reserve the right to conduct spot checks Monday-Friday from 9am – 5pm to ensure this rule is being adhered to.  It is guests’ responsibility to ensure communal areas are kept tidy and clean at all times.

Damage and/or theft of Calpe House GA property

Please report breakages or malfunctioning of any items/appliances to the administration team as soon as possible.

You are liable for any damage caused (whether it be deliberate, negligent, or reckless) to the room or property caused by you or escort(s) during your stay.

Visits to hospital

Guests must inform the administration team of any follow-up medical appointments and provide supporting documents relating to their future appointments. The Sponsored Patients Department in Gibraltar will then establish if you are to remain in London or you are free to return to Gibraltar.  It is your responsibility to update the administration team of your follow-up appointments immediately so that the Gibraltar office allocates a room for your extended stay.

Once you have been discharged by your consultant or from hospital, you should advise the administration team who will arrange your flight back to Gibraltar.  Should you decide to remain in the UK for reasons other than medical, you should seek alternative accommodation forthwith thereby vacating Calpe House GA no later than 2 days after the date of your last appointment or discharge from hospital.


Please discuss day visitor requests with the administration team.  Authorisation of visitors to Calpe House GA outside the hours 8am-6pm will be authorised at management discretion.

Calpe House GA accommodation is not transferable.  Should you meet other Gibraltarian patients in hospital, who do not reside in Calpe House GA, please do not offer to share your accommodation at Calpe House GA.

Stairs Image

Emergency evacuation plan

As a safety measure you must ensure that you are fully aware of the nearest exit to you at all times.  In case of fire, leave the building by the nearest exit and proceed to the assembly point located in the park opposite Calpe House GA.  DO NOT USE THE LIFT. Do not waste time collecting personal belongings and do not return to the building.

Payment of maintenance allowance

You may collect your allowance in Calpe House GA or with Sponsored Patients when you return to Gibraltar.


Management cannot take responsibility for deliveries/post to Calpe House GA.
Management reserves the right to refuse guests stay in Calpe House GA if they break any of the rules or are abusive to staff.
All patients must be accompanied by an escort capable of looking after all the patients’ needs.
Please do not stick or hang up pictures on the walls, whether religious or otherwise.
If you become aware of a disruptive guest, please contact the administration team immediately. Televisions, voices, or other devices must be kept at a respectfully low level at all times.


The officer on duty will check you out of your room and cross check the inventory list of your room.  Please note that any missing items will need to be replaced and a fee will be charged accordingly.  Please return all assigned key fobs.

Please ensure you collect all of your personal belongings, we are not responsible for damage or loss of personal items.