Calpe House GA and the Friends of Calpe House GA are delighted to promote and support the private charity initiative the ‘Calendar Club Challenge in Aid of Calpe House GA’. This is a collaborative effort devised and implemented by James Noguera, Andrew Yeats, Jamie Robba and Daniel Benitez, also known as the ‘Calendar Club Team’. This laudable ‘challenge’ requires that each of the 4 members of the team individually, and on a daily basis, run the amount of kilometres which correlate with the given day of the month. So they will each commence running 1 kilometre on 1 June, 2 kilometres on 2 June, etc. This Herculean ‘challenge’ culminates with each of them running 30 kilometres on 30 June.
Thus, each individual will run an aggregate amount of 465 kilometres, which includes completing 10 consecutive half-marathons in 10 days as from 21 June. Throughout the course of the month of June, the Calendar Club Team will also be pursuing different initiatives which include: a 6 kilometre fancy dress run on 6 June; and a ‘Run with Us’ day on 10 June, where members of the community are encouraged to join the team on their 10 kilometre run!

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Telephone 8602 (to donate £2).
Telephone 8605 (to donate £5).
Telephone 8610 (to donate £10).