Press Release – Monday 7th November 2022
In October,  committed to support Calpe House GA to amplify their impact on
vulnerable residents of Gibraltar. Since its opening, Calpe House GA has provided accommodation, support, and a home away from home for over 7,000 Gibraltarians traveling to London for medical treatment. The Barzilai Foundation has committed to multi-year financial support to Calpe House GA as well as collaboration to support refurbishment at the Calpe House GA facility on Norfolk Square. The multi- year commitment will help Calpe House GA continue to deliver a positive experience to Gibraltar patients and families in their moments of need.
The Barzilai Foundation was founded in 2022 to support individuals in the UK and Gibraltar dealing with adverse circumstances, where despite their hard work and effort, their welfare was at risk or opportunity severely impaired. Through impact initiatives and community partnerships, the Foundation helps them navigate challenging moments and dramatically improve their quality of life.
A Natural Pairing:
Two charitable organisations both supporting individuals facing challenge beyond their control in both the UK and Gibraltar made for an enthusiastic and easy match. “We regularly work with people who are in a tenuous situation,” said Albert Poggio OBE GMH, Chairman of Calpe House GA. “We’re thrilled to have a partner in the Barzilai Foundation that shares our vision for bringing comfort and
capability to the patients we host.” Mr Poggio went on to thank the Barzilai Foundation on behalf of the Trustees and everyone involved with Calpe House GA.
“Calpe House GA is a cherished organisation that provides invaluable assistance to patients and sponsors at a time when it is most needed,” said Graham Olivero, Barzilai Foundation Trustee. “Calpe House played a significant role in my life during difficult times, and our goal at the Foundation is to support the charity in a way that will help them play that vital role in the lives of others.”
Long-Term Impact:
Through supporting Calpe House, the Barzilai Foundation aims to support patients fighting to recover not just their health, but their aspirations as well.
“Calpe House is an institution owned by the citizens of Gibraltar that has either directly or indirectly touched the lives of nearly every citizen here. I could not think of a better partner and a better cause to begin our work here in the Gibraltar community,” said Brandon Sosa, Barzilai Foundation CEO. “Knowing that patients from Gibraltar, their carers, and their families can find support at Calpe House GA is deeply meaningful to us. Being able to be a part of that work, as well as finding meaningful ways to continue our support going forward, is truly rewarding for all of us at the Barzilai Foundation.”
For further information please contact Albert Poggio on +447831274257