Throughout the month of April scientists from public health laboratories have been raising money for Calpe House GA.
They did this by setting up a competition between different teams in the department, running the most distance over the month.
Members from each team ran with the aim of covering as many kilometers as possible,
Adding up towards a team total which was tallied at the end of the month.
Calpe House GA is a community charity for the people of Gibraltar, providing a Home from home for the Gibraltar health authority sponsored patients undertaking treatment in the UK.
By providing practical, vital, emotional and psychological support for patients and their escorts.
Calpe House GA has created a safe homely environment for individual’s going through trauma in uncertain times. Calpe House GA has remained open throughout the pandemic and during the three lockdowns, staff have had to look after COVID patients and ensure all isolation for all residents and by providing meals and doing emergency shopping, in addition to the daily day to day care.
The Trustees wish to thank the scientists at the Public Health Authority for their commitment to this very worthy cause.
Pictured below Calpe house Trustee Charles Marfe along with
Jyza Sheriff and Mathew Yome.