Minister Daryanani visits Calpe House GA
The Minister for Business and Tourism, the Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, has paid a visit to Calpe
It was the first time he has visited the new Calpe House GA facility. Minister Daryanani, who is in
London for Tourism related meetings, took time off his busy schedule to do so. He was shown
around the facility and then spent some time with those who are staying there awaiting treatment
in London.
Minister Daryanani said, “I had been planning to visit last year but did not manage to due to the
pandemic. I was impressed with the building and the home away from home feeling. The staff do an
amazing job on a day to day basis. It was extremely emotional to meet so many familiar faces from
Gibraltar either going through treatment or accompanying family members. Itis very difficultto be
away from home for long periods of time but the family atmosphere throughout is a great help. I
promised to visit again soon”.