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The Friends of Calpe House GA is the fundraising arm of Calpe House GA, it is registered with the Gibraltar Charity Commission, number 103, and its sole objective is to assist with fundraising activities and raise money for Calpe House GA.

We welcome new members to help with the invaluable work of ensuring Calpe House GA continues to provide an essential facility for the People of Gibraltar.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for this vital facility we have created, entirely for the benefit of the People of Gibraltar. Something all Gibraltarians can be proud of.

The best way you can help is to become a Friend and pay a monthly donation. Membership is from £5 per month, if you can pay more, please do so.

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Simply fill in the details below and we will send you a direct debit mandate form to set up your payment

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    Boost your donation by 25%

    Calpe House GA has been granted permission by the Gibraltar Government under section 25A of the Income Tax Act 2010 and the Income Tax (Gift Aid) Rules 2006 to claim back standard rate tax on donations of up to a maximum aggregate sum of GBP 5,000 received during a tax year from any one donor.

    In order for your gift to qualify as a Gift Aid donation you are kindly requested to make a declaration to us, the Charity, that:

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